i wanna say in advance that i'm a picky beech, also i often forget what i like.
i mainly like games for their stories, not gameplay persé...
  • myst saga: myst, riven, exile, revelation, end of ages
  • submachine
  • antichamber
  • sims 2 and sims 4 (completely skipped sims 3 cus it looked ugly)
  • secondlife (is it a game tho??)
  • bioshock
  • uncharted
  • soma
  • professor layton
  • the stanley parable
  • the witness
  • ...
  • animanga.
    i've watched/read a lot of anime and manga, there are just not many that i love....
    also i'd like to give a shout-out to 11y old me who got curious and tried to watch "jin-roh wolf brigade" and "akira", on vhs (thanks dad), when i was home alone one evening and that scared me to death but also got me interested
  • dorohedoro (i strongly dislike the anime), dai dark
  • akira (both manga and movie)
  • eleceed
  • mob psycho 100, one-punchman (gotta read the originals by One)
  • muddy (manga)
  • osomatsu-san (i know, the fandom is vile...)
  • tekkonkinkreet
  • metropolis (2001)
  • origin: spirits of the past
  • studio ghibli: howl's moving castle, spirited away, nausica, ponyo, ...
  • ...
  • put something here, but what? BUT WHAT??!

    maybe a list of things i wanna check out?