let's talk about plants..


this is a work in progress!

Just like many others, i like to collect plants. tbh it is probably a bit on an obsession, but it's also something that gives me a lot of joy (you know, those good ol' dopamines and serotonins).

oki i wanna talk about a lot of things but idk:
- i prefer small plants and let them grow, but i do have 2 huge plants!
- at my worst/best moment i had around 150 plants and it was the best but i was also kinda depressed at the time sooooo....
- i thought hoya's were overrated and i disliked them and then i saw one in a shop and i fell in love...
- same with alocasia stingray, i thought it looked really ugly/ridiculous and suddenly i was obsessed, i don't understand it...

my collection

gonna put pictures here, but first i wanna list them all

big alocasia cucullata
big ficus lyrata 'fiddle leaf fig'
medium monstera deliciosa
philodendron plowmanii
philodendron verrucosum
hoya carnosa splash
hoya australis lisa
hoya wayetii
hoya pubicalyx
hoya krimson princess
hoya krimson queen
zamiifolia zamioculcas raven
philodendron tortum
aglaonema silver queen?
monstera standleyana variegata (philodendron cobra)
alocasia zebrezina
calathea vittata
calathea lancifolia
calathea rufibarba
monstera 'peru' karstenianum
epipremnum aureum
syngonium mottled
monstera adansonii
rhaphidophora tetrasperma