yea i made it small, cus i don't think i'll have a lot to say? like i've seen people write essay's in their journals, which is amazing and i love to read through them! but i'll probs write small thoughts n stuff.
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i got a buppy

donderdag, 9 november 2023.

like the status post said, i've fullfilled a lifelong wish💕
i've grown up with dogs in the household and ofcourse i've always had the wish to have a doggy of my own. and now at 29y and 2months that wish has been fullfilled!!!
on 6 november i welcomed a lil brindle french bulldog into my life.
his official name is Gregorius aka igor (lots vatiations: iggy, greg, grego, ..). he looks like a lil old man and i love him so much!

he has a (subtle) brindle coat but the camera doesn't wanna capture it..

time for something new

maandag, 1 mei 2023.

171 days after creating this journal page, i'm finally going to use it.. there where many times that i wanted to make a journal post but i'm not good at writing big texts or putting my thoughts into words, so it never happened. until now, so bare with me pls.

i'm always saying that i don't feel like my age (28y) (it's probably kinda normal?), but recently i have been feeling a bit more "grown up".. i'm starting to think of wanting an own house, a dog, just a foundation or something grounded and something that is mine.
i've always rented the cheapest (but still liveable) apartments i could find. incluing this time, i've moved 6 times and to put it bluntly, i'm fucking SICK of it.
a couple of days ago i was looking at my furniture (mostly ikea and secondhand stuff). i was trying to look objectively at it and to be fair it still looks fine and fits well into my room, both in size and aesthetic, but i'm kinda over it..
i've been watching some people online create a space for themselves and really go for an aesthetic they love. tay beepboop and josh & matt design and drew from lone fox and more...
turns out i have an kinda expensive taste. wait maybe not, i just don't like spending money..

mid-century brutalism, space-age and rustic are the vibes i'm going for. here's my moodboard :)
since i'm not willing to cough up $3000 for a dresser, i wanna try to make stuff myself.... with help from my dad ofcourse. tbh the ikea dresser that i have rn is a perfect base, so i wanna try to calculate how much wood i would need and how much it'll cost me. i'm pretty sure i can use my dad's tools and workspace. another problem is that i don't have a car to transport stuff... guess i'll bother my brother for that.
i've got more stuff i want to make (shelves, clothing racks, maybe a desk, side table, ..) but i'll try to not get too ahead. the main thing is, i want to make stuff i actually like and surround myself with "better" stuff and think toward a nice cozy future home.

ps: sorry for all the typo's, also i'll add pics later

test TEST

maandag, XX octember XXXX.

this is just a test post. i'm gonna leave it in, because i think it would be funny. yea i'm boring.
idk how often i'm gonna post here? would anyone even be interested? nobody needs to be interested tho, i can just be a space to vent or be a timecapsule or something.
thinking i should add more filters, maybe?

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