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heyyy heyyyyy, i'm still working on my little corner.
wanna make it nostalgic and cozy and a lil weird :)
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11th november, 2022.

yooo i made a button,, it's not very good tho, i finally got some Free Time™, so i'm gonna work on a bunch stuf :)

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  • make a plain-text version of my site and give the option to switch around.
  • clean up css files
  • add music,, maybe a player?
  • add chara's to the chara page lol
  • hide more lil secrets for people to find hehe
  • cleancore page
  • safetycore page
  • weirdcore page
  • about page
  • make an enter page? nah
  • chara page
  • museum page with art, artisits, music, whatever i really like
  • journal??
  • hopefully get into some webrings?


    greenify webring
    retronaut webring
    yesterweb webring

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